Come join our adult program! We have engaging workshops to support your pregnancy and early-parenting journey. This is the perfect opportunity to learn about important topics such as childbirth, breastfeeding, baby massage, first aid, and much more! It is also a wonderful chance to meet a bundle of like-minded parents."
PARENT & BABY HANGOUT A session that's all about having fun and connecting with your baby through play, multi-sensory toys, creative stories, singing and games!
BABY MASSAGE A guided class that will take you through massage techniques that your baby will love. The massage will help your tiny ones feel relaxed, secure and even sleep better. It's also the perfect opportunity to bond with your baby and enjoy spending time together.
CHILDBIRTH EDUCATION Feel comfortable and confident in the process of childbirth in this class with our experts where you'll be learning about labor, the miracle of birth, breastfeeding and how to take care of a newborn baby.
LACTATION CONSULTATION A one-on-one consultation with a Professional Lactation Consultant where you can discuss your concerns and learn the principles of good breastfeeding techniques.
WELL BABY VISIT A personalized service which provides an overall check-up for mothers and babies. This session takes place at Little Pea with a consultation tailored to your unique needs. It can cover the areas, from general parenting information, baby healthcare needs, to support with emotional health.
HOME VISIT A home visit allows our trained professional to provide deeper insight into your needs within your living environment. This in-depth session covers the topics such as newborn behaviors & settling techniques, breastfeeding, baby healthcare needs and support with emotional health within the comfort of your own home.
PRENATAL YOGA A yoga class suitable for moms-to-be (after 12th week of pregnancy). Come enjoy a relaxing session and learn different postures that will help soothe aches and pains that will make pregnancy a more comfortable experience.
POSTNATAL YOGA A yoga class suitable for new moms (6 weeks after natural delivery/12 weeks after cesarean section). Discover gentle movements to strengthen your body and relax your mind.
FIRST AID FOR PARENTS & NANNIES Designed for new parents and nannies, this intensive class will focus on first-aid care and treating non-life threatening injuries. The instructor will guide you through all the steps of CPR and you'll practice on training dummies to ensure that you receive the skills and knowledge that adhere to AHA and ILCOR standards. AHA: American Heart Association ILCOR: International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation