We believe that childhood is a special time to explore and learn through fun, engaging activities. Our classes encourage little ones to express themselves creatively in our supportive, joyful environment. We offer a diverse range of classes that invite kids to experience many different things so that they can discover what they like best.
ARTS & CRAFTS From painting, collaging, D.I.Y activities, or even leather craft making, we offer a wide variety of engaging and creative activities for your little ones.
DANCE Whether you want your little ones to learn the basic techniques of ballet or bust a hip hop move while having fun with friends, we've got you covered. Feel the freedom, enjoy the movement and dance your heart away!
COOKING Fun-filled cooking classes for both you and your little chefs are available at the COMMONS Kitchen.
PHYSICAL ACTIVITIES We offer several physical education and movement classes that will provide your children with professional and quality training through a fun and memorable experience.
ACTIVITY PLAYGROUPS We offer morning playgroups that include a combination of both structured and free play, from Messy & Water, Music & Games, to Arts & Crafts. Connect with other adults in the neighborhood while your kids have fun and learn to interact with others.