Every school break, we organize a camp for the little ones to join. Our goal is to design novel, enriching programs that incorporate dynamic learning, social development as well as free play. We introduce lots of different fun themes for each of our camps, so you can expect to be doing anything from conducting cool science experiments, getting in touch with your creative artistic side to collaborating in fun team projects.

Globetrotters camp A fun and enriching exploration of 5 different countries in 5 days. We’ll be learning about the art, culture and cuisine of each one - without packed bags or jet lags!
Dance Exploration Dancing isn’t just about following the beat, but it’s also about having fun through movements! Our instructors will introduce the kids to hip hop and other forms of dance and bring out the happy feet in them. There will also be a show at the end of the week!
Mad Science Calling all future scientists! Dive into the exciting world of science with cool experiments that will amaze and excite your little ones
Little Entrepreneurs Are your little ones full of bright ideas? Here’s the perfect opportunity to learn from local experts about what it’s like to start your own business and why it’s important to help out other community members too.
Little Chefs Aprons on! The kids will learn how to master various recipes from snacks to desserts and at the end of the week they’ll put a little picnic together for friends and family.
Signature camp Featuring different themes every day; there will be dancing, there will be music and plenty of fun to go around.